International DJ & Promoter


April 14, 2021

Shoom events will not be taking part in medical apartheid. We’ve built the electronic music scene on core values of unity inclusiveness and diversity. We will not participate in asking our customers for personal health details. We reject discriminatory two tier divided society policies. Health passports would take society down a very dangerous divisive road compromising British values and our basic human rights freedoms.



Group MD / CEO

Tokyo Industries - bar/club operator of 32 of the UKs Clubs, Bars and Music Festivals

UK Wide

May 1, 2021

Many of our venues have been prevented from trading since March 2020. When the 21 June arrives we must have a balanced playing field with pubs & retail. No tests, no passports. Our guests will not support covid passports #openforall #covidpassports





April 12, 2021

Our customers will not stand for a vaccine passport and nor should they have to. Nor is there any difference between a pub a bar and a nightclub at midnight. Check the evidence out on the supposed ‘govt pilot schemes’ in the comedy club and nightclub in Liverpool if you really want evidence of how unfair this is and what they think of it. And we could guess the outcome of the pilot schemes now!



Promoter Operator


April 12, 2021

We won't be asking to see any kind of health certification at The Keep of Brook Green, or at any of our events now, or in the future. This type of regime is both discriminatory and totalitarian. This also does not account for women who are pregnant or may be planning to get pregnant, who have specifically been advised by the UK government website not to be vaccinated.




Global Brands Ltd

April 12, 2021

My businesses will not ask our customers for any medical information. I would hope the government would not punish businesses and staff for making a morale judgment. My conscience would not allow me to discriminate which customers I welcome into my establishments on medical or disability grounds. In would trust my customers not to visit if they feel unwell or if they are particularly vulnerable. If they are concerned about mixing we will do our best to accommodate them. Our industry must not be bullied into complying with badly thought-out government policy.



April 12, 2021

It's simply not acceptable that nightclubs and festivals after a year of being closed are now being told they need check their customers for Vaccine Certification to gain entry. Artists haven't been able to perform and we all want to be back together. But not with Vaccine Passports. They're unnecessary and discriminatory. Music brings people together its not supposed to be used to divide us.



Campaign Director

Campaign for Pubs


April 12, 2021

The idea of making pubs and other venues insist on Covid vaccine passports as a condition of entry is legally, morally and practically unacceptable. The roll-out of the vaccination programme is a huge success and as promised by Ministers, this must allow our world-famous pubs to finally be able to get back to normal again. To then impose mandatory vaccine passport checks would be asking pubs to make a moral judgment over medical treatment as well as putting publicans in a legally dangerous situation, if people challenge a refusal or provide false information in the first place. Practically, vaccine passports would increase costs and burden on staff even more, at a time when many pubs are desperately trying to get back on their feet. So it’s time we had a clear statement from Government that mandatory vaccine passport checking will not be imposed on pubs and other venues, to throw out this deeply worrying idea once and for all - and give pubs, publicans and businesses the certainty and reassurance that they will not be put in such an invidious and unfair position.



Owner Operator

April 12, 2021

I will not be asking to see any Covid passports or certification at The Three Colts or The Owl pubs, because as the Proprietor, I feel strongly against this illiberal, unworkable , discriminatory idea. Neither myself or my staff, must be put on the front line of health enforcement and feel it could also cause flash points and aggression towards us.



Electric Star Pubs

April 12, 2021

At Electric Star pubs, we have no intention of asking people for Covid passports or certification. This is discriminatory and goes against our policy of welcoming all members of the community to our venues. As Publicans it is not our job to question people’s private medical decisions and doing so may put our staff in threatening situations. We believe it’s the people that make the pub and we want to welcome everyone back to ours when we re-open.



Proud Group

April 12, 2021

I will not be asking to see any Covid passports or certification at the Proud Group. The last year saw too much incompetence and far too much state control. Britain is famous for liberty. This is yet another grab for power that is not needed or justifiable. Internal passports hark back to the occupation of Europe or current China. They are out of place here and not welcome.

Alan D


Co-Founder Recovery, Hon Trustee NTIA

April 12, 2021

The British people have been diligent and remarkable over this last year. What we’ve all waited so long for is to be able to get back to Normal. A truly remarkable effort and endeavours by so many has meant we can now do so. We should not be put in the position where pubs, clubs, festivals, shows and venues of any kind are forced to demand health papers as a means to be allowed to open normally. That is why it’s important to support the Charter, Open For All




Risk Capital Partners

April 13, 2021

I do not want any business with which I’m involved demanding ‘papers’ from customers which disclose private health matters. This is a discriminatory, intrusive and impractical policy which I think everyone who believes in a free society should reject.




Institute of Licensing, Board of UK Hospitality, Owner Three Bellends

April 12, 2021

As CEO of Rockpoint Leisure I do not want any of our venues such as The JA, Rockpoint Records or any other in our group demanding COVID, or any other paperwork at our doors. This is totally unworkable, badly thought through, and yet again it’s the hospitality sector getting singled out for special measures,They are discriminate and are extremely unpopular. I did not believe when starting my career in this industry as The Berlin Wall came down, we’d ever be entertaining a conversation such as this. Quite simply, No. We’re Open For All.




The Raven of Bath


April 28, 2021

The Raven won’t be having anything to do with vaccine passports. The idea is discriminatory and deeply unpleasant. We open our doors to the whole world and everyone who chooses to walk through them is equal in our eyes. How precious the old normal was! We did not know. We want our freedom back. We want to be the country we used to be; not this fearful, rule-bound stupidity. The Raven will be Open For All.